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Wire EDM

Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) is a machining technique offered at Reynolds Manufacturing, used for metals or other hard materials that would be otherwise very laborious to machine with conventional techniques.  

EDM is a process in which a preferred shape is achieved by using electrical discharges. . 

From the simple to the complex, EDM (also know as spark eroding, burning, die sinking and wire burning), EDM is an amazingly process and efficient method of cutting even the hardest of materials.

EDM  offers extremely accurate cuts through a highly efficiently process. Reynolds Manufacturing takes your project from a sketch or prototype to production efficiently and cost-effectively.  Servicing the Quad Cities, surrounding areas and most of the Midwest, contact Reynolds today to learn more 309-788-7443!

Is Wire EDM Right For You?

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About Reynold’s Manufacturing

High and Low Volume

Our customers often require two production capabilities – low volume production and high volume production.  Our constant investment in the latest machining technologies provides our clients a solution to optimally handle differences in equipment, complexity and run quantity.  Our innovative production capabilities easily surpass the competition to deliver products with superb quality, efficiency and cost.

Quality Beyond Quantity

Customers in the Quad Cities and beyond, have grown to expect the absolute finest quality-of-work and superior customer service from Reynolds Manufacturing.  Now using new and precise methods for custom metal fabrication, welding and CNC machining; the equipment is cutting edge while the technicians who run it are highly trained and experts in completing each job with consistency, accuracy with an on-time commitment to your success.